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11 months ago

The American (RT 65%)

We send Dave off to his honeymoon with thoughts of George Clooney.

Happy Fourth of July!

To celebrate all that is America we present to you:

  • George Clooney (a Kentuckian at that!)
  • Big asses (no matter that state they are great!)
  • And a picnic (between people who want to kill each other!)

Also with the numbers dwindling on this podcast we threaten our remaining listeners by switching from the Sight and Sound list of the greatest films ever made to... every hobbit movie ever made on the IMDb Top 250. Download this episode many times to stop this madness and to keep you away from family and friends that you perhaps don't much care for. Better yet show your appreciation for them by taking all of their devices and downloading this very episode. Happy birthday America!

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