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A podcast about all the things we must do before the inevitable. Mostly watching movies.

Marie Antoinette (Sofia Coppola #3)

To create... one must syndicate.

To create... one must syndicate.

At our advanced age (when we are not falling asleep or contemplating our own mortality) we can look back with reverence (bitterness) at our misspent youth. What that means for you, dear listener, is a plan of action that requires a couple of months of inaction.

Episodes looking back at the films of Sofia Coppola... which also is a look back at our previous podcast A PODCAST DIRECTED BY. However... not only will we revisit those episodes but also the work that this director has since completed with ON THE ROCKS and the new release PRISCILLA. This will give us time to start recording our lists for 2024 which involve the years 1939, 1974, 1994 and 1999. It's going to be good. Maybe. Enjoy and have a happy Thanksgiving!

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Lost in Translation (Sofia Coppola #2)

To create... one must syndicate.

The Virgin Suicides (Sofia Coppola #1)

To create... one must syndicate.

Intro to Sofia Coppola and 2024 Plans!

To create... one must syndicate.

Bottoms (The Next List #3)

The quest for another SUPERBAD continues but we are all just old now.

Larry Crowne (RT 37%)

One host is schooled by the charms of Tom Hanks butt shots.

Patreon Preview of Five Star Christmas (Xmas Kills Us #2)

If you can't remove all memories of your children and take the death leap into late stage capitalism when would be the appropriate time?

The Last Voyage of the Demeter (The Next List #2)

Not enough people watched Dracula 2023.

Two Night Stand (RT 38%)

Two nights and three watches with the charming Miles Teller.