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11 months ago

Overnight with Hearts of Darkness (#1 & #2 in Filmmaking Ego)

In which we continue to look at Hollywood excess.

A wine maker compared to a beer pitchman from THE SIMPSONS...

...we think Francis Ford Coppola would be okay (ONLY in that context) of being paired with Troy Duffy of THE BOONDOCK SAINTS fame. In this episode both director's have a bout of madness with the promise of all of the toys in the sandbox being at their disposal. In HEARTS OF DARKNESS we see how the classic APOCALYPSE NOW came to be... though it didn't always look like it would. And in OVERNIGHT we get to point and laugh at the bully Duffy getting his comeuppance. Or did he? After all here we are talking about him and lamenting the state of podcasts. A sad episode for sad people!

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